Kyle Hyndman


A Vancouver Island transplant, Kyle joined the firm in 2000. Now that he's grown a beard, he finally looks old enough for us to believe this.

Kyle is rated as one of Canada's best immigration lawyers, with a reputation for providing razor-sharp advice on immigration strategy to individuals and all sizes of businesses, but we admit that the real reason we keep him around is for his famous homemade cornbread.

Kyle took a few years off from his work here to write an award-winning master's thesis on the immigration law-making process, complete a consulting contract with the world's largest law firm and ride his bicycle across North America, before joining Meika and Deanna as co-owners in 2015. Nowadays when he's not busy helping clients stay out of trouble, Kyle finds time to volunteer for several organizations, travel the world's most obscure corners, grow a small farm on his balcony and host regular gourmet dinner parties.

Contact Kyle for advice about work permits and skilled permanent residence, family sponsorship (including same-sex relationships), citizenship and self-employed applications for cultural workers.