Véronique Delahaye


Given that Véronique has lived in five different countries, trained as a lawyer in at least two, and repeatedly won the firm award for Most Graduate Degrees (we’ve lost count), we feel very privileged that she has finally decided to put down roots in Vancouver.  Still, she gives away her French heritage with her love of good wine and food.

After working with our firm as a paralegal while going through the Canadian lawyer accreditation process, Véronique joined us as an articled student in February 2017, and then as a lawyer in May 2018.  She’s now applying her impressive knowledge and passion to solving whatever you, or any of the non-profits she volunteers for, can throw at her.  She has a knack for making complex legal concepts sound simple, in English or in French.

Véronique loves to sink her teeth into tough cases involving inadmissibility, appeals and judicial reviews, humanitarian and compassionate applications and family class immigration.