Focused. Experienced. Personal.

Since 1989 we have focused strictly on Canadian Immigration Law, so our clients get concentrated expertise and our singular, uncluttered commitment. We have cut our teeth in not-for-profits and global law firms, and apply the same passion to our work whether we're representing a Fortune 500 company or your grandmother. We bring serious firepower to every legal challenge.

We own this place so we make the rules. And the rules are these:

  • Be thoughtful and get it right the first time.
  • Take an individual approach to each client and each case.
  • Get deeply involved in every case.
  • Have fun - with each other and with our clients.

The result is that our clients get highly personalized service that saves them money in the long-term. And we get to work with people we like and participate in helping clients achieve goals that we believe in. Everyone comes out ahead.