Silvia Macedo


When Silvia decides to take on a challenge, she really goes for it.  After launching a successful career as a civil and employment lawyer in her native Brazil, Silvia decided to immigrate to Canada without having set foot here before.  Undaunted by the Canadian licensing process, she worked her way through another law degree, a second career as an immigration paralegal and a third career as a mother to two boys.  She’s now returned to where she started, this time tackling the practice of Canadian immigration law.

We really value Silvia’s many strengths, but she’s honestly terrible at poker because she can’t keep a straight face; with her, what you see is always what you get.  And when it comes to clients, what you get is a tough, determined and compassionate advocate.

Silvia takes on all kinds of immigration and citizenship cases, and loves diving into a juicy legal research project.  As a trained Brazilian and Canadian lawyer, she’s happy to work with you in English and in Portuguese.